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To transfer new koi to the aquarium, float them ... and setting up the right size filter for your koi ...


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A beautiful koi pond will create a peaceful sanctuary either for your backyard or indoors. Yet koi fish require more supplies than the typical goldfish in a bowl, ...


Lighting for a Koi tank should be just like any other aquarium lighting setup. 8 hours is probably good however you could run lighting as long as 10 to 12 hours  ...


Koi are cold water pond fish, descended from carp. Koi owners may need to bring their prized koi indoors during the winter to prevent death in frozen pond water ...


Jun 17, 2013 ... However, with careful precaution, koi fish aquariums can be a ... Koi fish are known to jump and you do not want one ending up on the ... Monitoring water levels in aquariums is all the more important in a concentrated setting.


Jun 23, 2014 ... Much like outdoor koi ponds, indoor koi tanks have some special ... to keep the water's quality up to snuff for your koi fish to enjoy a healthy life.


Types of Koi Fish. Koi Fish – Diet & Feeding. What do koi fish eat in the wild? Koi Fish Feeding Habits; What foods are recommended? Koi Fish Tank Setup.


If you are a fish enthusiast and have a large open space area, you should consider setting up one of your own koi pond. The effort will always pay off because ...


Koi fish are a group of fish that originated from domesticated common carp ... Setting up a waterfall or a fountain is a great idea to supply oxygen and also make ...