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As of July 2015, Kohler sells two styles of shower stall kits in a variety of configurations, sizes and colors. The Sonata style includes a bath tub option. The Freewill shower kits are free-barrier designs with integrated safety features.


When trying to repair a shower faucet by Kohler, start by unscrewing the trim's screws and removing it along with the caulking; this allows you to inspect the system. Before removing the trim, it's important to turn the water supply to the shower off.


The Kohler manufacturer website provides downloadable shower installation guides. The individual product pages provide several versions of installation guides, including guides with and without service parts.


As of 2015, Kohler engines are made by Kohler Co., with the first model being produced in 1920 for the rural market. In 2007, Kohler Co. formed partnerships with two Chinese and Italian companies to manufacture engines for those markets.


Kohler was founded in the city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, in 1873 and was officially named Kohler Co. after John Michael Kohler became a major interest holder in the Union Iron and Street Foundry. The company initially produced cast iron implements for farmers and furniture factories.


To build a shower stall, remove the room's existing walls and prepare the shower's framework by digging a foundation. Install a drain and fill the foundation around that drain with cement. Smooth the cement and add a waterproof sealant. Lay tiles if desired. To lay tiles, measure the foundation and


To install a Kohler toilet, remove the existing toilet, attach the connector to the pan and connect and install the tank. Models vary, so follow the instructions outlined in the toilet's instruction manual to ensure proper installation.


Kohler authorizes its store locations and Leading Edge plumbers to install its toilets. The company's Leading Edge program certifies plumbers in specifying and installing toilets and other products in homes. Retailers that offer Kohler products may also offer installation services, but this varies b


Customers can view Kohler engine specifications at KohlerEngines.com by hovering over the Engines heading, choosing a category, selecting a series and specifying an engine model. From there, the visitor must click on the Quick Look button and then on View Engine Detail before clicking Specs to view


Kohler toilets have a rough-in distance of 10 inches, 12 inches or 14 inches. The floor to the bowl-top height of Kohler toilets ranges between 17 and 19 inches. Kohler in-wall tank toilets either measure 2 by 4 inches or 2 by 6 inches, with an adjustable carrier system.