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This list of impact craters on Earth contains a selection of the 190 confirmed craters given in the Earth Impact Database. To keep the lists manageable, only the largest craters within a time period are included. The complete list is divided into separate articles by geographical region.


The asteroid 2012 DA14 will narrowly miss Earth this Friday, but meteorites have been hitting Earth for billions of years. ... (190 kilometers), making it the world's largest known impact structure.


Due to Earth's escape velocity, the minimum impact velocity is 11 km/s with asteroid impacts averaging around 17 km/s on the Earth. The most probable impact angle is 45 degrees. Impact conditions such as asteroid size and speed, but also density and impact angle determine the kinetic energy released in an impact event.


There is also known evidence of ocean impacts. Time and again, it has been debated whether ocean impact events could cause a mega tsunami or just a mantle plume (volcanism). The following asteroid impact events created huge craters in the past and may have affected life on earth.


Here on Earth, flying space debris triggered mass extinctions, but the same deadly asteroids might also have delivered the seeds of life soon after Earth was born. The effects of asteroid impacts ...


IMPACT of asteroid that will approach Earth in 2029 ‘CANNOT be ruled out’ AN asteroid is set to whizz past Earth in 2029 and experts have warned that it may hit the planet in the future.


This program repeatedly hammers home the catastrophic impact of a large asteroid impact on the earth. Several known large impacts of the past are recounted . Near Collision With Earth - 99942 ...


NASA Claims No Known Asteroid Will Impact Earth in at Least 100 Years The closest known approach of Apophis comes on April 13, 2029, when the asteroid comes to within a distance of around 31,000 kilometers from Earth's surface.


Timeline: Comet and asteroid impacts. ... that comets originate from a shell of billions of such objects thousands of times farther from the Sun than the Earth is. The region is now known as the ...


Impact Probability (cumulative) Sum of the impact probabilities from all detected potential impacts. V infinity (km/s) Velocity of the asteroid relative to the Earth, assuming a massless Earth. H (mag) Absolute Magnitude, a measure of intrinsic brightness.