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Obtain free horse clipart on sites such as GraphicsFactory.com, ClassicHorse.com and StockFreeImages.com, as of 2015. Many of these sites also feature horse clipart for sale or for use with a subscription, so be sure to check the pricing details of each image to locate the free options.


Funny clip art adds humor and cheer to printed media, including personalized cards, address labels, classroom bulletin boards and party decorations. Clip art also lends color and fun to digital media, from PowerPoint presentations to personal websites.


ClassroomClipart.com, FotoSearch.Com and PDClipArt.org all have sections offering medical clipart. The clipart on PDClipArt.org is a collection of more than 250 public domain images that are offered free of charge and may be used, modified and shared with no royalty fee or credit required.


ClipArtGuide.com and CanStockPhoto.com both offer nursing-themed clipart. The clipart on ClipArtGuide.com is available by subscription, with several subscription plans available, while CanStockPhoto.com sells individual downloads of its clipart.


Birthday cake clipart images are available on Clker.com and CleanClipart.com. To download birthday cake clipart, navigate to Clker.com and enter "birthday cake" in the Search box at the top of the page. On the Search Results page, click the thumbnail of a birthday cake clipart.


The Florida Center for Instructional Technology, or FCIT, believes that clipart allows students to further expand their knowledge, and therefore is recommended for use in the classroom. FCIT even goes as far as offering batches of clipart that can be used for free as long as the material is used for


The vector format is a type of image storage file format. Files in this format are typically referred to as vector graphics. Unlike other graphic formats where the image is made up of pixels, vector graphics are made up of paths that are different shapes, such as a square.


Vector art is made up of scalable parts defined by mathematical equations rather than pixels. The parts are editable and maintain the highest quality in all scales and media, including on screen and in print.


Because they are easy to generalize to multiple different topics and fields of study, vectors have a very large array of applications. Vectors are regularly used in the fields of engineering, structural analysis, navigation, physics and mathematics. They are also used on a case-by-case basis to mode


Vectors can be added graphically by beginning the points of the vectors in a direction that is similar to walking and allowing the points between the vectors to be the distance between them. In order for vectors to be added graphically, they must first be added mathematically to ensure that they are