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The ten commandments in the KJV bible are: "You shall have no other gods before Me," "you shall not make for yourself a carved image," "you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain," "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy," "Honor your father and your mother," "You shall not murder,"


The website for the Hilltop Baptist Church of Newport, Tennessee, offers an audio version of each book of the King James Version of the Holy Bible. It is read by Alexander Scourby. Commercial sites such as Bible Study Tools and Audio Bible also have audio versions of the KJV Bible.


A mobile device application called the Spanish Holy Bible Audio Book is available for purchase on the Apple iTunes Store. The English audio is taken from the King James version of the Holy Bible, and the Spanish audio is taken from the Reina-Valera version.


Several online Bible websites, including BibleGateway.com and BibleStudyTools.com, have study notes, commentaries and overviews of the book of James using the King James Version. KJVHeartHelps.com also has free downloadable Bible study courses, one of which is on the book of James.


Psalm 23 KJV refers to the King James Version of the most familiar of all the psalms. This particular psalm begins with the phrase, "The Lord is my Shepherd," and many individuals have used it for comfort and strength. The Bible attributes this psalm to David, whom the Hebrew Scriptures record as ha


The number of words in the Bible varies according to the version. For example, the King James version has 805,649 words and the NIV version has 741,065 words.


In the King James Version of the Bible, the last word is "Amen." The last book of the Bible is the "Book of Revelation," and the last verse is 22:21.


There are approximately 2,600 names that derive from the Bible. This list was compiled in the Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary written by Roswell Dwight Hitchcock. There are many other books that list and analyze Biblical names such as Dictionary of the Bible by William R. Smith and Evangelical Di


Two websites offering bible word searches are BibleGateway.com and BibleStudyTools.com. Bible Study Tools features a keyword search tool. Bible Gateway has search tools for topical index searches, keyword searches and passage searches.


To make your own Bible word search, navigate to ArmoredPenguin.com and click on the Word Search Puzzle Generator link. Gather a list of up to 58 words related to the Bible. Enter this set of words in the provided boxes, and choose your desired decorative options. Click Make Puzzle.