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The Kiowa Tribe Enrollment Office serves as a verification of enrollment and non-enrollment. Data entry and maintaining the membership roll. Enrollment verification, Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) letters, copies of family trees and other file-related documents, CDIB and tribal identification cards, process membership applications and conditional relinquishment's, statistical ...


The bone breast plate and red cape (Spanish Officer coat), the circular blue sky of the Great Plains and the blood red band print are part of the Koitsenko Warrior tradition. The shield depicts the sacred Rainy Mountain in Oklahoma, the sacred Kiowa burial ground at the end of the Great Tribal Journey.


We've been waiting 18 months for our sons enrollment a... nd cdib to be issued! We've repeatedly called and inquired about our sons enrollment, but have not received any replies or calls back from enrollment in months! Very disappointing that our tribe works or doesn't work this way! Do we need to call the BIA for the lack of Kiowa tribal action?


In the event they do not notify the Kiowa Enrollment Committee as specified above, their name will be removed from the Kiowa membership roll. No person who possesses no Kiowa Indian and/or Kiowa Captive blood shall be enrolled as a member of the Kiowa Indian Tribe. The Kiowa Business Committee shall serve as the Enrollment Committee.


Provides services to tribal members. Provides tribal tags, licenses to Casinos for sales tax, and tobacco sales. Do services with oil & gas for tribal land within the jurisdiction. Also works with banks and loan companies for tribal registrations.


There are few Kiowa enrolled members (Age: 62 & up) who still need to update their addresses with the Kiowa Enrollment Office. Below is a link to direct a list of those tribal members who need to update their information. If you see a familiar name please inform them to contact the enrollment office: enroll@kiowatribe.org or (580) 654-6327.


The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma is headquartered in Carnegie, Oklahoma.Their tribal jurisdictional area includes Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Grady, Kiowa, Tillman, and Washita Counties.Enrollment in the tribe requires a minimum blood quantum of ¼ Kiowa descent.. As of 2020, the Kiowa Tribal chairman is Matthew M.Komalty, and the vice-chairman is Rhonda J. Ahhaitty.


Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma Official Website; History [edit | edit source] A French explorer, Rene-Robert Cavalier, Sieure de La Salle, in the late 1680's, was the first to record an encounter with the Kiowa Indians. Smallpox epidemics in 1781, and 1801 caused a depopulation of the Kiowa tribe


Kiowa Tribe Resolution No: KL-CY-2020-____. The purpose of the resolution will be for the Kiowa Tribe to become a charter of Bacone College. A number of Kiowa students have attended Bacone over the years; the Kiowa Tribe becoming a charter would help support Bacone College and all their efforts to give Native American students a higher education.


The mission of the Comanche Nation Enrollment Department is to protect, honor, and adhere to the governance set forth by the Comanche Nation Constitution ragarding tribal membership. Services . The Comanche Nation Enrollment department provides the following: ... OK 73507 (Physical)