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After grilling the kingklip for 1 or 2 minutes, turn the burners down to a medium heat setting. When using a charcoal grill, carefully slide the fish over to an area of the grill receiving less direct heat. Kingklip, like most types of fish, can quickly overcook when grilled over high heat.


Genypterus capensis (Smith, 1847), commonly known as kingklip, is a species of cusk eel occurring along the Southern African coast from Walvis Bay in Namibia to Algoa Bay in South Africa, and is closely related to Genypterus blacodes from New Zealand.The species grows to a maximum length of 180 cm, a weight of 15.0 kg, and is one of the most popular fish items on South African menus.


Kingklip is a demersal fish, living on or near to the seabed that is often caught in trawl nets together with hake as a by-catch. They are a relatively slow growing and long-lived fish and cannot sustain a targeted fishery so in a managed by-catch programme, catches of kingklip are restricted to a precautionary catch limit of 10% of total hake TAC.


Kingklip Save as PDF Kingklip (Genypterus spp.) is a member of the Cusk Eel family.While it looks like an eel, it is not an eel. There are 4 species of Kingklip: Red Kingklip (Genypterus chilensis), Black Kingklip (G. maculates), Golden Kingklip (G. blacodes), and South African Kingklip (G. capensis).Kingklip is found in deep waters on or near the seabed.

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Kingklip has long been the traditional ingredient in caldilo congrio a spicy, Chilean-style bouillabaisse. The size of the of the kingklip which has a head like a fish and a body that resembles an eel can be as much as 6 feet in length and weigh 50 pounds. The average market size is about 10 pounds.


So Kingklip emerged the same way Orange Roughy replaced Slimehead. The Brotula is family of its own with a flavor and texture that is extremely similar to Grouper. Often called "Poor Man's Grouper", the Kingklip is a fish that inhabits great depths and often packs on "fat" to regulate body temperature. As we know, this is a great asset to food ...


Kingklip also makes great fish and chips, remaining moist and flaky in a coating of beer batter or breadcrumbs. Many South Africans are particularly fond of fish pies and casserole, and Kingklip is a firm favourite in these preparations too. The name Kingklip comes from the Dutch term for “Rock King”, and we completely agree!


What Is a King Clip Fish? King clip fish are long, slender fish found in the waters of the Indo-Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Members of the cusk-eel family, king clips are also known as kingklips, Chilean lings and pink lings. The king clip has a fish-like head and a body like an eel.


A traditional seafood in South America, kingklip is the main ingredient in caldillo congrio, a spicy, Chilean-style bouillabaisse. The fish works well in soup and stews, because the dense meat holds together. The meat’s density also means that it takes longer to cook than other types of whitefish.


Other articles where Kingklip is discussed: cusk eel: One of these, the kingklip (Genypterus capensis), is a South African species prized as food.