The typical king size duvet is approximately 108 inches by 94 inches. However, because king size beds vary in size, the matching duvets also show a fair amount of variation in size. King size duvets can range from 102 in... More »

In North American sizes, a king-size duvet varies, and it can be as small as 90 by 86 inches or as large as 90 by 102 inches. A duvet of this size is meant to fit a king-sized mattress, which is typically 76 by 80 inches... More » Home & Garden

Although a king-size duvet cover is slightly larger than the proportions of a queen-size bed, a king-size duvet cover can be used on a queen-size bed. A duvet cover fits over a duvet or comforter, which is sold according... More »

A fitted sheet for a standard king size bed measures 76 by 80 inches, while a flat sheet measures 108 by 102 inches. A California king size bed uses a fitted sheet that is 72 by 84 inches and a flat sheet that is 108 by ... More »

A typical king size quilt is approximately 106 inches long and 94 inches wide. Quilts made for California king mattresses are typically 100 inches long and 98 inches wide, as California king mattresses are narrower and l... More » Home & Garden

A queen-size mattress, which measures 60 inches by 80 inches, takes a full or queen duvet cover, which measures 88 inches by 92 inches. A duvet is soft, flat bedding filled with down feathers or a synthetic material. More »

The measurements for twin XL bed sheets are 39 by 80 inches. XL stands for extra long, and the bed sheets may be otherwise identified as TXL, extended twin or extra-long twin. More »