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A Kindle is a basic e-reader from the company Amazon. Kindles often use eInk technology to make the words on the screen look just like those in a normal paper book.


In addition to reading, Kindle users can browse the Internet, store and carry personal documents, play games, use applications and listen to audiobooks. Not all Kindle models can perform every function, however. For example, the Kindle Paperwhite cannot play downloaded audiobooks.


Use a Kindle by turning on the unit and manipulating the home and arrow buttons or the touch screen to navigate to the Amazon bookstore. Choose the books you want to read, purchase your selections, and begin reading.


The Amazon Kindle works by allowing users to download content over Wi-Fi or a cellular network and convert files into formats compatible with the device. Some Kindle versions also enable users to browse the Web.


Nearly every kind of book that corresponds to any section in a brick and mortar bookstore is available for Kindle. On the main Kindle store page at Amazon.com, the categories of books available for Kindle include arts and photography, biographies and memoirs, crafts, foreign languages, and reference


The Kindle Fire is a tablet that comes in 8, 16, 32 and 64GB models and displays movies, books, magazines, websites and email with a 7-inch high-definition display. Produced and sold by Amazon, the Kindle Fire is the successor of the original 2007 Kindle.


As of 2015, Amazon offers the Kindle for Kids bundle, which includes the 2015 Kindle model, a colorful child-friendly cover and a two-year accident protection warranty. The Kindle for Kids bundle also includes a built-in New Oxford English dictionary.


Amazon.com includes a page that lets users manage the content on their Kindle tablets, configure the payment settings, and enable or disable automatic book updates. Kindle users can access this section by navigating to Amazon.com, signing in, and selecting the Manage Your Content and Devices option.


To charge a Kindle device, use the USB cable that came with the device to connect it to a USB port on a computer. Charging the device this way typically takes between four and six hours, depending on the USB port and the computer hardware.


The differences between Kindle and Kindle Fire devices include the type of display they use and the type of media they’re capable of reproducing. They also differ based on the computational power, the ability to run apps and the type of lighting that’s used to illuminate the screen.