Effective methods of eliminating a home flea infestation include: thorough cleaning and vacuuming; flea-killing carpet sprays; whole-house flea foggers; spraying for fleas in a yard or outdoor area utilized by pets and p... More »

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The best way to kill fleas in the house is to start by getting rid of these parasites on the pets. This may include using a prescription flea-killing product, flea combs or frequent bathing of the host pet. More »

The best way to get rid of fleas is to ensure high standards of personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness. These parasites mostly attack dogs, cats and other farm animals but can easily attack humans as well; they m... More »

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Exterminators use several methods in conjunction with one another to remove fleas from a home, including identifying and controlling fleas on pets and using a strong vacuum to remove fleas, eggs, pupae and larvae. Exterm... More »

Natural remedies for flea infestations in the home include cleaning and vacuuming thoroughly and regularly, washing pet bedding, using essential oils and preventing the infestation of fleas on your animals. Stopping a se... More »

Some home remedies for killing fleas include using diatomaceous earth, using a baking soda and salt combination, combing infected pets with a flea comb and applying flea nematodes to the yard. Individuals may also use es... More »

One of the most effective flea and tick remedies is simply a bath with normal soap and shampoo, which kills most fleas and washes away ticks that have not bitten yet. This should be followed up with a thorough grooming a... More »