Exterminators use several methods in conjunction with one another to remove fleas from a home, including identifying and controlling fleas on pets and using a strong vacuum to remove fleas, eggs, pupae and larvae. Exterm... More »

Nylar and boric acid are two safe, natural and effective ways to control fleas in a dog house. A thorough cleaning combined with these treatments can kill any fleas in the doghouse and prevent it from becoming infested a... More »

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To kill fleas with borax powder, clean the breeding grounds for the fleas with a vacuum, sprinkle the borax powder over the surfaces, and allow the powder to sit on the surfaces for at least a day to kill the fleas. Vacu... More »

Mature fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae die after being exposed to temperatures of 37 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Fleas can withstand these temperatures for days until finally dying. More »

One of the most effective ways to remove fleas from a home is to perform daily vacuuming to get rid of adult fleas and eggs and larvae before they develop. Another important step to removing fleas is to wash clothes, cov... More »

To control fleas, vacuum the infested areas, wash pet bedding, bathe pets in flea shampoo and spray the affected areas of the home with an indoor insecticide. It is necessary to remove fleas from both the pet and the hom... More »

To control fleas in your home, vacuum the house daily, bathe pets often and clean bedding with soapy water. Comb your pet once per week. Consult with your vet regularly if your pet is on a flea-control program. More »