While information on charts noting children's age and weight varies based on age of the child and source of the chart, they all include information regarding the average weight and length for age. Additional information ... More »

A measurement chart for kids allows an adult to use a tape measure to determine height, with the child standing straight next to a flat wall, explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The results are then ... More »

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, and the Baylor College of Medicine are online sources that provide charts of body mass index, or BMI, for young children and teens up to age 20. Both ... More »

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Growth percentile charts for babies are a way to visualize how a child compares to other boys or girls of the same age, in terms of height and weight. The charts show the range of heights and weights for babies of all ag... More »

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The average weight of a 13-year-old female is 101 pounds and the average weight of a 13-year-old male is 100 pounds according to the growth charts that have been sourced by the World Health Organization, Gerontology Rese... More »

Choosing the best behavior charts for kids depends on a variety of factors such as what type of behavior needs to be encouraged or discouraged and the age of the child. Both printable and electronic charts are available. More »

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Parents can mark the length of their children's feet on either paper or the floor and compare the measurements to sizing charts for various brands of shoes. Alternatively, shoe retailers such as Pediped and Stride Rite o... More »

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