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A CT scan is a radiological imaging test that creates detailed images of the body, according to Medline Plus. It may be used to diagnose an infection, guide a surgeon to the correct area throughout a biopsy, identify masses or tumors within the body, or examine blood vessels.


According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, a CT scan shows body parts such as organs, bones, fat and muscle in greater detail than a usual X-ray can provide. A CT scan does use X-rays, but the beam circles the area to be scanned and allows for more views and angles.


A computed tomography scan can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, according to the National Cancer Institute. The exact amount of time varies, depending on the area of the body that is being scanned.


Computerized tomography scans, more commonly known as CT scans, can locate tumors or diagnose the causes of severe headaches or abdominal pain, according to MedicineNet. Doctors also use them to check the extent of traumatic injuries.


A computed topography scan, also known as a CT scan, uses rotating X-rays to create cross-sections of images of the body, according to the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. A computer compiles the sections of images into one three-dimensional image offering more details th


According to the East Jefferson Imaging Center, it usually takes a day or less to receive results from a CT scan. Computed Tomography (CT) scans may take only a few minutes to complete.


The median cost of a CT scan without insurance is generally $695 for a brain CT, $785 for a chest CT and $900 for an abdomen CT, according to NerdWallet in October 2014. Those costs are for scans without contrast and may be a little lower than those with contrast.


Prices for a CT scan vary considerably and depend on location and the negotiating power of the provider administering the scan, states Bernard Health. National median costs in 2014 are $695 for a brain CT, $785 for a chest CT and $900 for an abdomen CT, reports NerdWallet.


A head computerized tomography scan uses a computer to process a series of X-ray images taken from several different angles, to develop cross-sectional views of the inside of the head, according to Mayo Clinic. A CT scan is generally used as an efficient tool to examine traumatic injuries.


Computed tomography scans are used to diagnose and monitor symptoms, such as acute pain or swelling, and assess injuries as a result of accidents, according to RadiologyInfo.org. CT scans confirm or rule out a suspected diagnosis and can guide a surgeon to the right area during a biopsy.