Kentucky Fried Chicken offers three different bucket meal options. The bucket sizes range from eight pieces of chicken to 16 pieces of chicken and include sides and biscuits. More »

KFC specials and promotions can be found joining "The Colonel's Club," through Registrants of the club receive updates, specials and promotions via e-mail. Specials can also be found through coupons that may be ... More » Food

KFC stores are individually-owned franchises, and there are no national Tuesday specials consistent across the entire chain. Each restaurant sets its own local promotions independently of other KFC locations. More »

Kentucky Fried Chicken does not offer its customers a 10-piece bucket meal, as of September 2015. However, the restaurant chain does offer an eight-piece bucket meal, which feeds four people; a 12-piece bucket meal, whic... More »

In general, Kentucky Fried Chicken does not list chicken specials online; customers can sign up for the Colonel's Club, which requires website visitors to enter their email address to receive email promotions. To receive... More » Food

The calories in a typical bucket meal from KFC vary according to the chicken portion. For example, a bucket of KFC chicken breast contains 320 calories, 13 grams of carbohydrates and 14 grams of fat. More »

As of 2015, some different KFC family meal coupons include a $12.99 10-piece bucket, a $16.99 eight-piece meal and a $21.99 10-piece feast, states GoodShop. All three coupons give families the choice of Original Recipe, ... More » Food