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Copycat recipes for KFC fried chicken are available at Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes and at Food.com. Todd Wilbur's recipe eliminates MSG from the mix, making the chicken arguably healthier than KFC's chicken. The recipe on Food.com attempts to match the KFC recipe as closely as possible.


Ingredients to make homemade fried chicken that tastes similar to chicken found at KFC restaurant include all-purpose flour, egg, buttermilk and seasonings such as chili powder, sage and paprika. One of the key ingredients in the copycat recipe is monosodium glutamate. MSG is used in some recipes as


Kentucky Fried Chicken changed its name to "KFC" in 1991 because it planned to offer a more varied menu, it wanted to eliminate the unhealthy connotation of "fried" from its name and it wanted a shorter version of its name. Contrary to popular Internet rumors, the government didn't force KFC to take


KFC purchases its chicken from suppliers throughout the world. According to the company website, its parent company, Yum! Brands, developed an Animal Welfare Advisory Council to ensure the chickens it buys is treated humanely prior to being slaughtered.


The best resource for obtaining coupons for KFC fried chicken is through the company's own email list, the Colonel's Club. The Colonel's Club sends those who have registered occasional emails with coupons, specials and other valuable offers.


Good fried chicken recipes include Southern fried chicken by Paula Deen and oven-fried chicken by Ina Garten, both available at FoodNetwork.com The website provides photos or video and detailed instructions.


Paula Deen's easy recipe for fried chicken can be found on the Food Network website. It takes less than half an hour to prepare and cook, and it serves four people. Another easy fried chicken recipe is located on Real Simple.


There are a multitude of recipes that attempt to replicate the taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken available from Food.com, Tom Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes and Spark Recipes. Many of these recipes include a brine, 11 secret herbs and spices, a dredging mixture and a breading flour.


To make KFC-style chicken tenders, dredge chicken breasts cut into strips in an egg wash and then in seasoned flour. Fry the strips in a deep fryer with shortening preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit until the strips float, remove them from the fryer, and drain excess oil before serving.


KFC's original chicken batter recipe is kept top secret, but there are many copycat recipes that are easily duplicated. Topsecretrecipes.com's version is highly rated with some reviewers claiming to enjoy it even more than KFC's original recipe.