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KFC Buffet Hours. KFC Provides all you can eat buffet in a few of its location which is not just limited to fried chicken. Dine-in Customers can even have coleslaw, potatoes, corn in this buffet. Have an idea on What time does KFC Buffet Close and What is on the KFC Buffet before visiting.


So Apparently, This KFC Location has an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. ... or have suffered a level-4 food coma from a KFC All-You-Can Eat buffet, let us know in the comments. ... 2 hours ago. Food News ...


KFC Buffet Hours: An American food restaurant which serves the delicious chicken dishes is named as ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant (KFC).’As it serves delicious fried chicken, it is at the position of the second rank after McDonald’s restaurant.


All you can eat KFC buffet! I have a family of four and I feel that this restaurant buffet is a really good value for a family dinner. We have been eating here for several years and I have yet to be unhappy with the food or service.


Foodbeast It's the stuff of legends — the all-you-can-eat KFC buffet. Apparently, all you have to do is pay $8.99 and you can fill yourself with drumstick and mountains of mashed potatoes.


KFC made everyone’s dreams come true when they opened an all-you-can eat buffet restaurant in Osaka back in 2015. However, while the popularity of eat-till-you’re-stuffed fried chicken has brought us limited-time deals on occasion, people in Tokyo have generally been starved of the opportunity to gorge on a KFC buffet…until now.


I had seen the kfc buffet sign a couple of years and was intrigued and put it in the bucket list. Decided to stop by on our way to Idyllwild and check it out. As per reviews, you need to ask the staff for updated items as they have to handle all the regular orders also. ... After visiting this KFC a few times, I soon realized that these ...


This KFC location is conveniently located right off I-15 and I believe you will have to drive to Banning, CA for the other location with KFC buffet. Price: $8.99 for AYCE buffet OR $7.99 for 2 pieces AYCE buffet and each breast meat will cost additional $0.79 per piece. All buffets include a drink and 10% senior discount is available.


I get so disappointed after eating here! I crave the KFC chicken and what I get in return is chicken that has obviously been sitting out and is stale. I have gone back numerous times and it is always the same. Go to the Popeyes in Coon Rapids if you want fresh chicken.