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To make the seasoning, combine all of the ingredients together in a small bowl. Dredge protein well in spice combination and let sit for at least an hour before frying, baking, or sautéing.


1 package Lipton tomato cup-a-soup mix. Combine all ingredients and seal in ziploc or vacuum seal bag (or jar) or spice jar. When you’re ready to use the seasoning mix simply add 1 oz. mix per cup of flour for coating chicken. You can use a mixture of 1/2 white flour, 1/2 wheat flour for a heartier coating, particularly if you’re baking.


1 whole chicken, cut into pieces3 beaten eggs4 T oil Coating 2 c flour4 t paprika1 t salt1 t pepper1 t poultry seasoning (or chicken stock powder)1 t oregano1 t tarragon1 t parsley1/2 t thyme1 t chives1/2 t garlic powder1/2 t onion powder1/2 t celery salt Sift flour and add together all the coating ingredients…


A former KFC employee earlier this year leaked the alleged "11 secret herbs and spices" to make the fast food joint's iconic fried chicken.


When you have the perfect recipe, you can make a larger batch of pre-made KFC seasoning mix but you need to measure the total amounts of the mixed ingredients of a single recipe first. Then increase the measurements to you liking. Label the jar with the measurements for one batch, along with the cooking instructions.


Dan Fell, a UK-based digital marketer, spent 18 months perfecting his at-home recipe for KFC fried chicken. After speaking with Fell about his process, I decided to try the recipe for myself.


Make a paste out of the Italian dressing mix, flour, salt and lemon juice. Coat chicken evenly. Stack chicken pieces in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate overnight or at least for several hours. Mix pancake mix with paprika, salt and pepper. Dip chicken pieces in milk, then in pancake coating. Dust off excess.


It’s so valuable that KFC recently built a brand-new, high-tech home for the Colonel’s handwritten Original Recipe from 1940. It’s stored in a digital safe that weighs more than 770 pounds and is encased in two feet of concrete with a 24-hour video and motion-detection surveillance system.


Drive-thru burger challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h-S3yTe6MY ----- "Secret" ingredients: 2 cups of flour 4 tablespoons...


mix well and allow the mixture to marinate for 13 hrs. _____ Do to the waste of chicken in the restaurants the Colonel created a recipe to help use the chicken that was unable to be sold. So he devised the potpie recipe. See chicken could only sit and be sold for 2 hrs after it is fried. KFC POT PIE: 2 potatoes peeled and cooked 2/3 cup frozen peas