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Kentucky statutory rape law is violated when a person has consensual sexual intercourse with an individual under age 16. The age of consent is raised to 18 if the offender is in a position of trust or authority over the victim. View list of sexual assault laws & punishments in Kentucky. Kentucky does not have a close-in-age exemption. Close in ...


KY’S Age of Sexual Consent New Law Effective July 14, 2018. The legal age of consent in Kentucky is 16. Generally speaking, sixteen (16) years old is the age of consent in Kentucky, meaning that anyone under the age of sixteen (16) is deemed, by law, to be incapable of consenting to a sexual act.


chapter 222 kentucky alcohol and other drug abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment law CHAPTER 223 SANITARIANS, WATER PLANT OPERATORS, AND WATER WELL CONSTRUCTION PRACTICES CHAPTER 224 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION


Shaffer, 2013‑SC‑111, highlights that physicians must conduct the informed consent dialogue from the perspective of the patient. Failing to do so may open the door for a lawsuit based upon an alleged lack of informed consent. Kentucky’s Informed Consent Law is found in the Kentucky Revised Statutes, in particular KRS 304.40‑320.


Consent Laws Kentucky Defining Consent Question Answer How is consent defined? There is a lack of consent if a person engages in a sexual act with another person by forcible compulsion or with a person who is incapable of consent because he or she is physically helpless, mentally defective or


Third-Degree Sexual Abuse: Subjecting another person to sexual contact without the victim's consent. Third-degree sexual abuse is a class B misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 90 days in jail. Consent. Under Kentucky's rape and sexual assault laws, the victim must not have consented to the sexual contact.


CASE LAW & COURT DECISIONS. SPOTLIGHT CASES. Kentucky - Gonzalez v. Johnson (Pursuit) 2019 CASE LAW UPDATES. Includes cases from the Kentucky Court of Appeals, the Kentucky Supreme Court and the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. For earlier years, please contact DOCJT Legal Support. First Quarter 2019. Second Quarter 2019. Third Quarter 2019.


In Kentucky, the crime of statutory rape is committed by engaging in sexual intercourse with a child under 16 years old (the age of consent). It is also illegal to engage in other sexual activity with a child under age 16 or for a person in a position of trust or authority over a child to engage in sexual contact with a 16 or 17-year-old.


The Kentucky Revised Statutes is a subject-based statutory compilation using a decimal numbering system. The broadest subject grouping in the KRS is called a "title"; titles are made up of smaller subject units called "chapters." Chapters contain sections of the KRS, the individual laws. The text of sections may be subdivided into smaller ...


The Kentucky Supreme Court noted that KRS 304.40-320 is an exercise of the legislature’s prerogative to amplify, or expound upon, the general duty of a medical provider to obtain a patient’s informed consent with specific conditions for compliance.