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Kenneth Copeland Ministries' mission is to minister the Word of Faith, by teaching believers who they are in Christ Jesus; taking them from the milk of the Word to the meat, and from religion to reality.


Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) specializes in teaching principles of bible faith - prayer, healing, salvation and other biblical topics via Believers Voice of Victory, bible study, devotions and Real Help - Jesus is Lord!


Does trying to figure out healing feel like fumbling around with a giant wad of keys to find just the right one? The keys that unlock healing are here. ... Kenneth Copeland Ministries is dedicated to building up believers’ faith and deepening their walk with Christ, so they can live the victorious life God promised.


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Gloria Copeland built her faith in this area by reading all four Gospels and the book of Acts three times in 30 days. Getting a concentrated dose of the Word, especially regarding healing and miracles, will build your faith to be healed. Another way to build your faith for healing is to listen to testimonies or faith-filled teaching on healing.


Gloria Copeland is the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Kenneth Copeland Bible College. For more than 50 years, Gloria has passionately served in the work of the ministry alongside her husband, Kenneth Copeland. She is known for teaching God’s Word and will concerning healing, finances, relationships and more.


THE HARMFUL TEACHINGS OF KENNETH AND GLORIA COPELAND ... as in "Copeland allegedly said...". Also, in August 2004 I submitted an early draft of this article to the Kenneth Copeland ministry and asked for their feedback. ... Financial Prosperity for Believers False Promise #2: Health and Healing for Believers False Promise #3: Victory and ...


In this message you will be able to medidate on God's word to bring you healing and learn how to stand on the word when you are facing difficult times. You can receive victory through the Word of ...


GOD’S HEALING FORMULA KENNETH COPELAND DAY 1 –HEALING ALWAYS COMES God sent His WORD and healed His people. Healing always comes where faith is loosed, so be ready at any moment to step in and pray for whomever God leads you to pray for. Faith begins where the will of God is known. By believing and speaking The WORD of God, which


Kenneth Copeland General Teachings/Activities - Tongues-speaking charismatic Kenneth Copeland is considered to be the most prosperous and well-known in the "Word-Faith"/"Positive Confession" movement.His television program is carried nationwide on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and he is the author of numerous charismatic-oriented books and articles.