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The Sears Holdings Corporation makes Kenmore dryers. Kenmore is a brand name that is used for its products. The company is based in Hoffman Estates, Ill.


To find the age of Kenmore dryer, it is necessary to know the model and serial numbers of the appliance. Kenmore is a department store brand owned by Sears and determining the age of an appliance purchased there can be challenging because their appliances are made by several different manufacturers.


Parts for a Kenmore dryer can be purchased online at RepairClinic.com and PartSelect.com, as of 2015. Each site's inventory can be searched by model or part number to simplify making a purchase.


Repairing a Kenmore dryer requires troubleshooting to determine the problem, ordering replacement parts and making the repair. Older dryers are easier to troubleshoot. As of 2015, calling a professional for help with a solid-state dryer is sometimes more economical than attempting to fix the device


According to PartSelect, dryers typically do not start due to technical or mechanical difficulty. The site notes that problems are easy to diagnose and it is easy to order replacement parts if necessary.


Kenmore dryer parts can be purchased from Sears Parts Direct. Kenmore refers customers to this site because it is the official site to find replacement parts for their dryers.


A Kenmore dryer that doesn't heat usually has a faulty heating element. Also, its thermostat could be malfunctioning due to a restricted vent. Both problems are easily diagnosed and repaired.


The heating element is a metal chamber containing a coil of heating wire used to generate heat in an electric dryer. A gas dryer uses a gas heater controlled by a shutter that serves the same function as an electric heating element.


To replace a dryer belt, you will need to remove the drum, and place the belt on the idle and drive pulleys located at the back of the machine. Replacing the belt can be completed in about an hour and requires basic tools, such as a screwdriver.


A Kenmore dryer may refuse to heat up for reasons including a blown fuse or a tripped gas valve. A dryer's refusal to head may also be caused by overloading or a clogged vent.