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When repairing a dryer, it's important to carefully disconnect its power supply; the plug should be held and pulled out, rather than tugging on the cord connected to it. Before opening the unit, it's also important to learn what capacitors look like.


Some easy DIY home repairs include fixing leaky washing machines, running toilets, wall dents, squeaky door hinges, stuck sliding windows and slamming doors. Each of these repairs requires items easily found in most hardware and home improvement stores.


House Beautiful magazine describes a number of DIY home repair solutions for common problems, including clogged plumbing, scratched floorboards, cracked plaster and dirty tiles in need of grout. The magazine's online slide show also displays how to fix hanging curtains and paint cabinets effectively


Some easy DIY refrigerator repairs include door gasket replacement and temperature control thermostat replacement. These repairs take a short time and only require a few tools and the right parts.


DIY refrigerator repair instructions can be found online at The Family Handyman and video tutorials can be viewed on YouTube. Libraries also carry books with repair instructions.


DIY auto repairs that most people can do include oil changes, radiator flushes and replacement of spark plugs, windshield wipers, headlight bulbs, brake pads and fuel filters. Headlight bulb and windshield wiper replacement are two of the easiest DIY auto repairs. Headlight bulb replacement requires


Conduct plenty of initial research and know what to expect before opening up any appliance. Generally, small appliances are fairly simple, while larger appliances are more complex.


Some DIY air conditioner repairs include cleaning the furnace filters and condenser coils, opening all the registers, deicing the A-coil, and replacing the filters. Others include checking and replace fuses, replacing damaged wires and connectors in the access panel, and replacing the condenser fan


Some easy DIY plumbing repairs include repairing a leaky faucet, installing a faucet, clearing a clogged drain and fixing a running toilet, according to WiseBread.com. Other projects that most DIY plumbers can undertake include replacing a kitchen sink sprayer, installing a shower head and caulking


The process for repairing drywall often depends on the size of the hole or crack. For smaller holes that are caused by nails or screws popping back out of the drywall, simply push the nail or screw back into the drywall and apply drywall compound to the divot to fill it.