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Koi owners may need to bring their prized koi indoors during the winter to prevent death in frozen pond water. Keep koi in large aquariums for a few months at a time. If you live in an apartments, you may have to keep koi in aquariums for their entire life. That is possible, as long as you do not overcrowd the aquarium with too many koi.


Outdoor koi ponds are not only the most aesthetically pleasing way to house your fish, but their benefits greatly outnumber other options. However, with careful precaution, koi fish aquariums can be a possibility for temporarily housing baby koi. Here’s some tips on keeping koi in an aquarium!


Learn how to keep koi fish in a fish tank from aquarium expert Joseph Caparatta in this Howcast video. Transcript To keep Koi fish in an aquarium, you want to try to replicate their natural environment, just like you would do with any other fish.


An aquarium needs to be big enough to handle the fish load. FishChannel.com recommends one 12-inch koi per 100 gallons of water, or nine koi 6 inches long, or ninety 2-inch koi. Keep an eye on the growth of the koi, and properly adjust the population to suit aquarium capacity.


It certainly is possible to keep koi in standard aquariums — albeit fairly large tanks by hobbyist standards — as suggested in the first question. In Hong Kong and Singapore, for example, apartment dwellers routinely raise koi in large aquarium tanks.


Koi keeping in an Aquarium. Like tropical fish, Nishikigoi may be kept in the house. There you can be close to them and by viewing them from the side, can appreciate a new charm in Nishikigoi. Small-sized Koi are particularly suited for keeping in the house, and if they become too big they can be kept outside. Preparation. Aquarium


Koi stay inside when there's a problem with the pond, winter is harsh, one is sick, a new arrival is undergoing quarantine or when fish are small enough to live long-term inside an aquarium or indoors pond. The latter is also a good choice for koi-lovers who live in an area that prohibits the hobby outdoors.


Select a koi pond that suits your backyard. Koi are too big to be kept in a glass aquarium and need to be raised in a large outdoor freshwater pond. A good rule of thumb is that, if you plan to keep fish in the pond year-round, the koi pond should be at least 4.5 feet (1.4 m) deep.