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Fostering an entrepreneurial culture requires continuous effort. Make sure your entrepreneurial vision is part of your senior management discussions. It should also be a topic for managers' performance discussions with their teams. Again, the entrepreneurial culture must be cultivated.


He says another reason to keep the spirit alive is the impact on workplace culture. "A loss of entrepreneurial spirit often results in a less fun, creative and passionate work environment.”


No matter how large or well established your company, it pays to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, or, if you prefer, intrapreneurship. As a leader, nurturing intrapreneurship is a bottom ...


Building an inclusive entrepreneurial culture ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION May 2005 posited that those ventures best able to make the leap from acting on a vision to constructing an organization will be the most successful at creating sustained and fast-growing firms. Scholars of strategic management have noted that


Culture is a balancing act between many elements of a company and requires careful execution at each level. This is especially true for entrepreneurial companies, where what's going on is the building of a business as well as a culture. Corporate culture must be led, nurtured, constantly monitored and adjusted.


An entrepreneurial culture is an environment where someone is motivated to innovate, create and take risks. In a business, an entrepreneurial culture means that employees are encouraged to brainstorm new ideas or products.


Building an Inclusive Entrepreneurial Culture. Tim Blumentritt, Jill Kickul, and Lisa K. Gundry. The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2016 6: 2, 77-84 Download Citation. If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Simply select your ...


Inclusive Entrepreneurship. We believe in leveling the playing field for all entrepreneurs—particularly women and people of color—in all places in order to create stronger communities, close the opportunity gap and scale creative solutions to persistent problems.


By some estimates, people with disabilities represent the third largest market in the U.S., surpassing Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans, as well as teens and other age cohorts. Thus, a more inclusive workplace can lead to a more inclusive share of the marketplace—a goal shared by all entrepreneurs.


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