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So I was offered the KARR security system upgrade, which I declined at first. The finance guy offered me a better price later, at $399. I was not planning on getting it, but he was a good salesman and convinced me I needed the extra security.


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It's good thing that the KARR alarm can be fully deactivated, which I did ever since I picked up my car, but I don't know who makes this alarm and how good it is. The Pilot already has standard alarm with built-in engine immobilizer, so what is the point of adding another alarm system? The sales guys said the KARR alarm will add motion sensor....


The problem with the Karr system is all the great things that newer cars have like remote door unlock/lock (OnStar), Tire Pressure Monitors that you use your alarm remote to program when tires are rotated or you get new tires, or even your actual key to unlock the door, will NOT work with this system!!!!


3) Locate alarm brain which is a small black box (approx 2 in by 3 in). You should also see switch from alarm system mounted to kick panel going to the brain. 4) Cut any zip ties securing alarm brain and gently pull away from console with wires still attached. 5) Remove two wiring harness plugs from alarm brain.


Karr Alarm Systems offers anti-theft alarms for cars that are outfitted with technological features designed to minimize theft. Karr systems incorporates older, traditional anti-theft security features, such as alarms, steering wheel locks and engine cut-off mechanisms, and it combines them with GPS tracking to allow car owners to track any cars that are stolen.


6 reviews of Karr Security Systems "I own a Civic SI and a Crosstour. Both have the KAAR system and work well. Some dealers do charge a lot for the system, but you can negotiate the price. There is a video on the internet of a new Civic Hatch…


KARR Full Featured Auto Security is SWDS’ proprietary security program, designed to be a full-service solution available at the time of vehicle purchase or any later date. With KARR Full Featured Auto Security, dealers and their customers get more than a security program.


I have a brand new car. Never heard of this. Bought my car at Courtesy Imports Henderson. I have all factory state of the art installed security system my cars on lock down lmao....KARR alarm is suspect alone with a $330 price tag. That's a bunch of malarkey. These dealers & their sales people are Vultures!! ugh


Car alarms seem like sensible choices, especially if they’re offered at a good price, but the alarm that many buy in the F&I office can barely be considered more than a dealer profit device. These alarms are often presented as add-ons to the factory alarm that are supposed to improve on the factory security system, but in reality are usually ...