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Re: Toyokalon vs Kanekalon: Is there a differenc I think it depends on the texture of the hair. For example, I have the Toyokalon hair by Angels Hair, one in wavy and one in straight. The straight one tangles like heck, but the wavy one has the feel of human human hair (and even the smell), and very easy to get my fingers through.


I am using toyakalon for my micros, i must sound ignorant, but i am from ireland and you can guess how hard it is for me to get good advice, everything about my hair i have taught myself Well my braids are toyakalon and curly and i have just done a new head tonight as the last hair went strange and frizzy? Anyone know how to care for toyakalon or even kanekalon curls when in your hair?


Most synthetic wigs are made of this fiber because it looks more realistic in regards to color and texture. However, Kanekalon hair seems to tangle and mat very easily. Toyokalon hair, on the other hand, is a softer synthetic hair that does not tangle as much as Kanekalon, but the hair color and texture does not look as natural.


The natural hued wigs right below in a good quality (Toyokalon) fiber The bright and wild hued wigs (made from Kanekalon, a bit better quality than Toyokalon) I think the "yucky" Kanekalon you worked with is the crimped dry stuff that is made for adding into African hair - esp. since you called it "braid hair."


Bnghair.com has an excellent selection of Black 'n Gold Kanekalon Hair colors. Over 80 different Kanekalon synthetic braid colors and several different braiding styles of synthetics available for hair braiding


Synthetic hair is a broad term used to describe hair extension material that isn't made of a natural fiber. Kanekalon, monofilament, polypropelene and toyokalon are specific types of synthetic hair. Identification. Synthetic hair is made from artificial materials. It will often have a feel similar to plastic.


Care Requirements for Toyokalon Braids Q: I have very long (~22") Toyokalon individual braids in my natural (African) hair. The braider used 10 packs of hair to "make it full", so it is very heavy and thick. As you probably know the hair has a curl at the end. I have been told that Toyokalon has different care requirements than Kanekalon.


Toyokalon is also used in the manufacture of wigs. Toyokalon is flame retardant. Kanekalon Fibre Also called KK fibre, this fibre is currently the most widely used in the manufacture of hair extensions and wigs. It can be styled and sealed using varying degrees of heat. It is less glossy than Toyokalon and in certain styles, can pass for real hair.


Natural look. Softer touch. More styles. Toyokalon. Ask for hair made with Toyokalon fiber at your local beauty shops today. Launched in 1952, TOYOKALON prod...


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