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To simply compare the price of tires, use the search function on Tire Price's website. Use the drop-down menu to indicate the width, height and diameter of the tire, and then click the Search Available Sizes button to bring up all available tires and their prices.


Cooper tire prices can be found on sites such as Amazon, PepBoys, SimpleTire, DiscountedWheelWarehouse and BigOTires, as of April 2015. Prices are based either on a single tire or a set of four, but do not include either shipping costs for remote purchase or installation fees.


To purchase tires at wholesale prices, order them from TransAmerican Wholesale or Discounted Wheel Warehouse. These companies stock tires from brands such as Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Dick Cepek and Super Swamper.


On average, tires at Big O Tires are priced lower than tires at shops like Sears and DiscountTire.com but usually not by more than $10, as of 2015. Along with its in-house brand, Big O Tires sells tires from among the most well-known manufacturers, including Goodyear, BFGoodrich and Michelin.


The price of tires at Walmart tire centers varies depending on the type of tire required, the tire brand and other specifications such as tire aspect ratio. Tire prices can range from around $38 to upwards of $200.


Costco offers discounted tires for members of its warehouse club stores and additional perks for tire purchasers who opt for Member Advantage service on the tires they buy, as of 2015. The cost of Member Advantage is an additional $15 per tire. It also sometimes offers specials on its tires.


As of June 2015, Tire Discounters publishes product prices online at TireDiscounters.com. To find tire prices online, an individual enters the make, model, trim, year and tire size of his vehicle. Tire Discounters lists the available tire options for the vehicle, including tire prices.


Regul tires are a private brand manufactured by American Tire Distributors. ATD founder J.H. Heafner created the Regul tire brand in 1972 as an alternative to high-priced national brand tires. Regul tires are available from tire retailers that service with ATD, including SimpleTire.com.


Gateway Tire company offers consumers competitively priced wheels, tires and automotive parts, according to Modern Tire Dealer magazine. Since its debut in the 1930s, the company has expanded to serving seven states with more than 50 locations.


Less expensive brands of spare donut tires sell for $30 to $100, while more expensive brands cost more than $100, according to How Much Is It. The price of the tire depends on the model and type of car it's designed to fit.