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Jackson's Lemon Jumble cookies are no longer produced commercially or available for sale, as of 2015. The company is now owned by Kellogg, who acquired the cookie line from Keebler sometime around 2001. Kellogg discontinued the southern favorite soon after taking owners...


Sometimes baking is a precise science, but that doesn't mean it needs to be difficult. A single-bowl cookie recipe keeps clean-up to a minimum while giving you dozens of delicious cookies to eat or share, though even a recipe that calls for more than one mixing bowl can...


Some simple cookie recipes include cake mix gooey butter cookies on BettyCrocker.com and chewy sugar cookies from RealSimple.com. The BettyCrocker.com recipe requires fewer ingredients since it uses Betty Crocker SuperMoist yellow cake mix.


A no-bake cookie recipe from Bon Appetit combines cocoa powder, butter, peanut butter, sugar and oatmeal to prepare a confection that is a cross between a cookie and a candy. While high in fat and sugar, these cookies are ready in just over 30 minutes and don't require ...


Some Christmas cookie recipes include macadamia-almond Christmas cookies, cinnamon stars and chocolate-almond butter thumbprint cookies from the Food Network's Holiday Nut and Spice Cookies collection. Other good recipes include Christmas-themed sugar cookies, cream che...


Food Network’s royal icing, Eating Well’s chocolate cookie icing and Betty Crocker’s orange icing are three recipes for cookie icing. Each recipe incorporates confectioner’s sugar, also known as powdered sugar, to make a sweet cookie topping that hardens when dried.


Some good butter cookie recipes include Land O'Lakes best ever butter cookies, King Arthur Flour's holiday butter cookies and Epicurious's basic butter cookies recipe. These recipes are all very similar, but some of them have a twist on the traditional recipe.