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J.R. Watkins products can be purchased on the company's website. The website also has a store locator to help consumers find local store that carry the company's products.


Watkins products include gourmet food items -such as soup and sauce mixes- home care goods, healthcare products and bath and beauty items. Watkins offers a variety of residential items and focuses on producing items using natural ingredients. Its items sell in physical ...


Natural products by J.R. Watkins are available through online retailers such as Drugs.com and VitaDepot.com. It is not possible to order the products directly from the J.R. Watkins website, though the site does list nearby stores that sell the company's products.


The surname Watkins is originally English, and has undergone many changes in past centuries depending on where in the United Kingdom those families were located. It is derived from the early Germanic and Anglo-Saxon name "Walter" which meant "people-rule."


Watkins College of Art, Design and Film specializes in the visual arts. The college offers bachelor of fine arts degrees in interior design, graphic design, film, fine art and photography.


Individuals wishing to order a J.R. Watkins catalog can visit the order catalog page at the company's website and choose to download a digital catalog or receive a paper version by mail. Receiving a mail order catalog requires submitting name, address, phone number and ...


To find a local Watkins dealer, visit the J.R. Watkins website and scroll to the bottom of the page, click on Locate a Consultant, and enter your address and ZIP code. The site shows a list of consultants in your area.