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The poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer is a celebration of the author's religious faith and the world's natural beauty, according to a biography of the author by the Poetry Foundation. Kilmer uses anthropomorphism to depict trees with human attributes to make the descriptions...


Joyce Kilmer published his poem "Trees" in August 1913 in Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, and reprinted it in his first book, "Trees and Other Poems," in 1914. Kilmer's view of the trees at his Mahwah, New Jersey home inspired him to write the 12-line poem on February 2, 1...


The poem "Trees" by Alfred Joyce Kilmer is about the perfection of nature as compared to anything man creates. He starts the poem with the lines, "I think that I shall never see/ A poem lovely as a tree," establishing this mindset from the very beginning.


The Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is a publicly owned forest located in Graham County, North Carolina. It is named after poet Joyce Kilmer, who authored the poem "Trees."


The two major activities of Joyce Kilmer National Forest are hiking and picnicking, notes the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. Joyce Kilmer National Forest is a publicly owned old growth forest. It is located on 3,800 acres in Graham County, North...


A lyric poem is a poem that speaks of personal or emotional feelings, traditionally in the present tense, and with a song-like quality. In modern examples, much lyric poetry shares the same rhyming schemes.


To write a lyric poem, it is necessary to choose a topic, become inspired and write without rushing through the process. A lyric poem expresses the writer's personal feeling and emotions and is normally written in the first person.