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A journal impact factor list is a system for analyzing and ranking academic journals in terms of quality and prestige. Evaluation of the journals takes into account peer review originality, scientific quality, technical editing quality, editorial quality and regularity.


People can find the Journal Impact Factor List for 2009 at CiteFactor.org. The website lists articles that are analyzed according to the quality of the publication, manuscript, presentational and editorial.


The Impact Factor List is published annually by Thomson Reuters in the Journal Citation Reports, which requires an institutional subscription. SCImago Journal Rank is a freely-accessible alternative of the quality of a scientific journal.


The impact factor of the Journal of Organic Chemistry for the year 2014 is 4.721. The impact factor is a widespread metric used to measure the impact of scholarly journals. The Journal of Organic Chemistry is published biweekly by ACS Publications, a division of the American Chemical Society. The fi


The Journal Impact Factor List for 2014, and the previous six years, is available at CiteFactor.org. Run by an international Advisory Board, CiteFactor is a resource that publishes the impact factors of scientific journals.


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The Thomson Reuters for impact factor report for a given year, sometimes recompiled by various entities into PDF format, typically includes the impact factor for over 7,000 journals and may also include each journal's ISSN and abbreviated title, total citations, number of articles the assigned impac


The World Journal is a Chinese-language newspaper that is published in North America. It is aimed at the Chinese-speaking populations of the United States and Canada.


A journalism degree is awarded to students who complete the prescribed course of study at a college or university that offers a journalism program. Journalism is the process of gathering and analyzing information, as well as presenting such information to an audience.


A reflection journal is the product of a writing technique often used as an educational and leadership development strategy to promote deep levels of critical thinking and analysis. This journal writing technique requires that the writer document thoughts, observations and reflections related to a c