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Jonathan Edwards is best known for “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," but he also wrote “The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners” and “Pardon for the Greatest Sinners.” Edwards preached during the Great Awakening and his sermons are examples of the fire-and-brimstone style of preaching.


Jonathan Edwards' "Personal Narrative" covers the issues of religion, emotionalism, divine will and conversion. Jonathan Edwards uses an autobiographical story form to analyze what factors make a genuine Christian experience. Edwards peers into the conflicts of human emotion, choice and divine will


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Jonathan Edwards was born John Evan Edwards on July 28, 1946 in Aitkin, Minnesota, United States. At the age of six, he moved with his family to Virginia where he grew up. At the age of eight, he began singing in church and learning to play piano by ear. While attending military school, he began playing guitar and composing his own songs.


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Jonathan Edwards (born July 28, 1946, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) is an artist, musician, folk singer, songwriter and performer, perhaps best known for his crossover folk singles "Sunshine" and "Shanty". With fellow student musician, Malcolm McKinney, he formed the eclectic rock band St James Doorknob.


Jonathan Edwards—A man whose wife was godly and yet struggled as a “Pastor’s wife”. February 09, 2012 Sarah Edwards, like most wives of the “giants”, were basically unknown. The reasons for this are many. They rarely wrote. They were “helpers” to their husbands first, which seemed incongruent to self-promotion.


She was accomplished in the social skills of polite society. She enjoyed music and perhaps knew how to play the lute. (In the year of their marriage, one of the shopping reminders for Jonathan when he traveled was to pick up lute strings [George M. Marsden, Jonathan Edwards: A Life [Yale University Press, 2003], 110]. That may have been for a ...


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Jonathan Edwards Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Singer, songwriter and guitarist Jonathan Edwards was born on July 28, 1946 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He first started playing music on piano as a kid and took music lessons from a lady who lived next door. Jonathan began playing the guitar while he was in high school in the early ...