The right of survivorship in a joint tenancy deed means when a joint owner of a piece of property dies, the deceased's interest in the property is transferred to the remaining owner or owners, The Free Dictionary by Farl... More » Government & Politics Law

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Owning property by joint tenancy gives each joint tenant the right of survivorship if the four unities of time, title, interest and possession exist, according to the American Bar Association. However, each joint tenant ... More » Government & Politics Law

When owners take title to a piece of property as joint tenants, it creates a right of survivorship, meaning when one tenant passes away, the surviving joint tenants automatically gain ownership of the deceased's portion,... More »

The right of survivorship is a legal concept whereby a person takes ownership of another person’s property upon his death, according to Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute. The survivor assumes the ... More » Government & Politics Law

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