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Some of Johnnie Taylor's greatest hits are "Disco Lady," "Who's Making Love," "Take Care of Your Homework," "I Could Never Be President" and "Love Bones." Other hits include "I Don't Want to Lose You," "Standing in for Jody," "Doing My Own Thing" and "We're Getting Care...


Johnnie Taylor's greatest hits include "Who's Making Love," "I Believe in You (You Believe in Me)," "Steal Away" and "Disco Lady." Additional top songs are "I Don't Wanna Lose You," "Standing in for Jody," "Doing My Own Thing," "We're Getting Careless With Our Love" and...


Some of Johnny Cash's greatest hits include "I Walk the Line," "There You Go," "Ballad of a Teenage Queen," "Guess Things Happen That Way" and "Folsom Prison Blues." Cash also sang the popular hits "Ring of Fire" and "A Boy Named Sue."


Some songs by American vocalist Johnnie Taylor are "Take Care of Your Homework," "We're Getting Careless With Our Love," "Testify (I Wonna)" and "Disco Lady." Taylor recorded on six separate labels during his career and his musical output spanned an array of genres, inc...


Johnny Taylor died of a heart attack at age 66 in Dallas, Texas. Taylor was an accomplished singer of rhythm and blues, disco, pop, gospel, soul and blues.


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The funeral of rhythm and blues singer Johnnie Taylor was held on Wednesday, June 7, 2000, at Good Street Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. The funeral was attended by over 3,500 people. Taylor was later buried at Forrest Hill & Calvary Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri.