To get a daily word from Joel Osteen, simply visit the website, create an online account, and sign up for the Daily Devotional. This process allows you to receive the Today's Word Daily Devotional in your email inbox eac... More » World View Religion Christianity

Sermons delivered by Joel Osteen are best known for their messages of hope and encouragement to people who are having difficult moments in life. His sermons are known to promote the gospel of prosperity and excellence dr... More » World View Religion Christianity

Watch Joel Osteen sermons online at Click Messages from the main menu for a list of sermons with descriptions, and browse through the list or search for a sermon by title. Alternatively, receive a sermon ... More »

While Joel Osteen does not have an official personal website as of 2015, his name is used for the official website of Joel Osteen Ministries. A portion of the website is dedicated to Osteen and provides a brief biography... More » World View Religion Christianity

Listen to Joel Osteen’s live sermons broadcast from Lakewood Church by navigating to the church’s website,, and clicking on the Watch Online link from the tabs on the home page, and then click on Live ... More » World View Religion Christianity

Joel Osteen's Sunday messages can be viewed and listened to directly from the Joel Osteen Ministries website. The recorded messages can be watched for free, but viewers are given the option to make a donation to the mini... More » World View Religion Christianity

As of 2015, Joel Osteen's daily devotionals are available by creating an account at Joel and his wife, Victoria, send daily words of encouragement, devotion and inspiration by email to individuals who reg... More » World View Religion Christianity