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Some jobs that require little to no experience include delivery driver, bill collector and garbage collector. These jobs are feasible choices for job hunters who are newly out of school or possess little work experience.


Examples of jobs attainable with little or no experience in the field include debt collection agent, direct sales roles, customer service representative, delivery driver and various secretarial roles. Many food service and retail companies also commonly hire employees with no experience for entry-le


To get a job without any formal work experience, first figure out why you are a good match for the position you want. Write a stunning cover letter, showcase your soft skills and shine at the interview.


Jobs that require little or no prior work experience include delivery driver, bill collector, garbage collector, security guard and bartender. Although these job require little/no previous work experience, individual companies may still require previous work experience, as well as an educational dip


Online job websites such as Juju.com and Snagajob.com feature job listings that don't require any previous work experience. Narrowing job searches to entry-level and part-time jobs are more likely to produce job opportunities that fit the "no experience" criteria.


According to About.com, it is important to be honest when describing the reason for leaving a previous job, especially when it involves getting fired. This is because an employee’s previous employer can disclose the reason for the termination, and potential employers can also check references. It he


Hand laborers and material movers working in a warehouse require no work experience or minimal education, while operators of material-moving machines require training, including site-specific training in many cases. Forklift operators need to be at least 18 years old and must also be trained and cer


When applying for a job the interviewer may have many reasons for contacting the previous employer, such as confirming that the person applying for the job worked for the company they have on their application. Another reason is to inquire about the ability to get their job done and ask more about w


Types of jobs that require a two-year degree include registered nurse, nuclear technician, radiation therapist and funeral service director. These are also some of the highest paying jobs requiring an associate’s degree.


The requirements to get a government job include citizenship, security clearance and registration with the Selective Service System for male applicants. In addition, requirements unique to the job being applied for, including education, experience and job-related qualifications, must be met.