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Photography is the series of actions involving light or electromagnetic radiation to record images of objects on various surfaces. Photography always requires light to duplicate the real-life image being taken. Photography enlists the use of a camera to capture the imag...


Photography is part of the evolution of the human desire to capture and express life; since the earliest days of artistic expression and documentation in the form of cave paintings, humans have been attempting to capture and record life around themselves in various form...


Fundamental rules for photograph composition involve the rule of thirds, the placement of the horizon line, the concept of leading lines, the need to fill the frame and the distinction between foreground and background. Whether shooting photos on film or digitally, foll...


Commercial photography is any photography in which the end result is intended to facilitate a business venture. Commercial photography includes, but is not limited to, sales brochures, advertisements, business cards, menus and product placements.


Stock photography is a collection of photos available for use with projects the original photographers did not intend or know about. They are typically generic images depicting landscapes, cultural icons and people doing common activities and expressing common emotions.


Photography allows people to communicate what is important to them, helps to preserve history, facilitates communication, enables people to become artists and moves people in ways that words sometimes cannot. Though becoming a great photographer requires practice, anybo...


Math is integral to successful photography, from calculating apertures and f-stops to focusing and the angle of view. It is not necessary to entirely understand the calculations, but a photographer needs a good grasp of mathematical relationships.