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The purpose of an interview is to allow a hiring manager or employment committee to evaluate the qualities of an applicant in a personal setting. During an interview, the hiring manager asks questions and evaluates the responses and demeanor of the applicant in giving them.


Potential job candidates should use anecdotes or stories to highlight their professional skills. They should also ask follow-up questions to ensure they are communicating clearly. Referencing a company's website during an interview is also a good idea.


In order to interview someone for a job, set goals, research applicants, prepare questions, create an interview structure and meet applicants in person, if possible. During the interview, interviewers should take notes and observe applicants' nonverbal signals, according to the Wall Street Journal.


The best way to answer job interview questions is to answer truthfully while presenting yourself in the best light possible. Keep the answers positive and talk about your strong points. Practicing with a mock interview may help you to prepare for the real thing.


Basic job interview questions include topics such as weaknesses and strengths, why the candidate is leaving or has left a position, and his professional goals. Job candidates are often asked about their salary requirements. Additional questions may include why the candidate wants to work for the com


Prepare for a job interview by practicing the answers out loud to commonly asked questions. Practice is an important tool in preparation because it increases confidence and reduces the chances of quickly blurting out an inappropriate answer.


Appropriate interview attire is somewhat dependent on if one is interviewing for a professional, casual or startup company. For a professional company, both men and women should wear a suit in a solid color such as black, navy or dark grey.


An effective job interview is conducted in a way that determines whether a candidate is suitable for the tasks of the job as well at the company's standards. The interviewer should prepare ahead of time to determine an agenda for the interview as well as questions that will reveal the candidate's st


One common job interview question is, "What were your past job responsibilities?" Another common question is, "What did you like and dislike about your previous job?"


To prepare for job interview questions, applicants can make a list of likely questions asked by interviewers, prepare responses relevant to experience and skills and conduct a mock interview with a friend or co-worker. Researching the company and potential industry questions can also help an applica