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Swaggart’s personal home sits on some of the most expensive real estate in the Baton Rouge. His estate includes three houses, a gazebo, a pond, and twenty landscaped acres. Swaggart once described his house as a modest two bedroom cottage. That, however, is a stretch even for a seasoned tale-bearer such as Swaggart.


Jimmy Swaggart, who leads the Family Worship Center in Louisiana and was caught up in a sex scandal in the early 1990s. His church received between $2m and $5m. Photograph: Jntracy75/Wikimedia Commons


On February 21, 1988, television preacher Jimmy Swaggart addressed his audience — both the 7,000 congregants gathered before him in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and countless more via satellite — and broke down. Swaggart burst into tears and, through heaving breaths, quaveringly repented:


Jimmy Swaggart is an American televangelist and gospel music performer. his Real Full Name is Jimmy Lee Swaggart who is reputable in the Broadcasting field. Jimmy Swaggart also the owner of the Sonlife Broadcasting Network. Jimmy Swaggart Wiki, Bio, Parents, Siblings & Early Life Jimmy Swaggart was born March 15, 1935, in Ferriday, Louisiana, U.S. […]


Grace Larson is a singer at FWC for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. She is one of six lead vocalists in the group which includes her brother Joseph. Grace Larson, although is not a household name, she has quite the fan following. Her soulful voice and her breathtaking energetic performance have accommodated her to grasp notoriety.


You see Jimmy Swaggart‘s “Message Of The Cross” is all about the Luciferian “I WILL” of Jimmy Swaggart as he sits in God’s place on God’s throne: You see the preceding picture tells it all. The circled figure is Jimmy Swaggart sitting on God’s throne as he receives the praises of the entire congregation.


By Rev. Rafael Martinez, Director, Spiritwatch Ministries. When thinking about the current state of the church when confronted with the moral failures of its leadership and the dire need for a legitimate response to it, one question continually comes up.It is piteously asked by many who look at the sad career of Pentecostal evangelist Jimmy Swaggart as an example of how the church has "shot ....


Grace Larson Brumley gained the spotlight as a singer of the Family Worship Center (FWC) for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.She is one of the six lead vocalists and worship leaders of the Crossfire Youth Ministries.The Crossfire Youth Ministries is a youth division in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which introduces Jesus Christ to many hurtful youths and their families.


Check it more on Jill Swaggart wiki, bio, age, wedding, husband, family, and net worth. Jill Swaggart married her husband in a beautiful wedding ceremony back in 2004. Her net worth is of a mystery to her fans likewise her personal life.


Donnie Swaggart’s father, Jimmy, dealt with scandals in the 80s and 90s. At the height of his ministry, Jimmy Swaggart’s television program reached two million American households. After he called out two fellow evangelists for cheating on their wives, photographs surfaced of Swaggart with a prostitute in 1988.