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You must contact your local Jiffy Lube to find the price of an oil change, according to the company. The cost is based on the type of vehicle and geographic area of service. Jiffy Lube's website has a Find a Location page that provides contact information.


Jiffy Lube offers its customers a Signature Service oil change with choice of four types of oil as replacement oil. This company offers conventional oil, high mileage oil, synthetic blend oil and full synthetic oil.


Costs for an oil change at JiffyLube varies depending on the type of oil change and location, so pricing for the services is not available on the company's website. To find specific prices for the services offered, drivers should contact a local JiffyLube store.


Oil changes at Jiffy Lube vary in price depending on location and specific vehicle, according to the company's official website; however, their standard oil change includes up to 5 quarts of oil and an oil filter. Technicians also check wiper blades, lights and fluid levels, and clean exterior windo


Prices for services are different depending on the Jiffy Lube location, as seen on the Jiffy Lube website. Customers must contact or visit specific Jiffy Lube location for pricing information. Service pricing also varies based on the make, model and year of the car, according to Jiffy Lube.


The best way for customers to find Jiffy Lube price lists is to contact their local Jiffy Lube locations directly, according to the Jiffy Lube website. The company offers an online Find a Location service on its official website that allows customers to search for the closest Jiffy Lube.


Jiffy Lube does not list service prices online, as stated on the Jiffy Lube website. Under Frequently Asked Questions, the Jiffy Lube website directs customers to contact specific Jiffy Lube locations for pricing information.


Most Jiffy Lube locations provide services on the air-conditioning, air filtration, transmission, fuel, brake and drivetrain systems of most vehicles. The auto repair company also offers battery maintenance and replacement, oil changes, windshield repair and tire repair and replacement. Select locat


Jiffy Lube offers a host of repair and preventive maintenance services for vehicles that include oil change, air conditioning, air filtration, brake service and repair, cooling system, drivetrain, electrical, engine, fuel system, transmission, windshield, and state inspections and emissions testing,


Jiffy Lube offers oil changes, air conditioning service, battery maintenance and replacement, brake service and tire services, among other miscellaneous tasks. Find a full listing of the services Jiffy Lube offers at JiffyLube.com.