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The "Jewish question", also referred to as the "Jewish problem", was a wide-ranging debate in 19th- and 20th-century European society that pertained to the appropriate status and treatment of Jews.The debate, which was similar to other so-called "national questions," dealt with the civil, legal, national and political status of Jews as a minority within society, parti...


Your question isn't specific, but the Nazi's during WWII had an answer to the "jewish question",,, the holocaust. I assume this was what you were asking about. Adolf Eichmann, an SS colonel was a key player in the" jewish solution". As far as I know, the only Nazi war criminal, found by the Mossad in Argentina , hanged in Israel.


September 16, 1919. On September 16, 1919, Hitler issues his first written comment on the so-called Jewish Question. In the statement, he defined the Jews as a race and not a religious community, characterized the effect of a Jewish presence as a “race-tuberculosis of the peoples,” and identified the initial goal of a German government to be discriminatory legislation against Jews.


On the contrary, in connection with the Jewish question, I have this to say: It is a shameful spectacle to see how the whole democratic world is oozing sympathy for the poor tormented Jewish people, but remains hard-hearted and obdurate when it comes to helping them, which is surely, in view of its attitude, an obvious duty.


On the Jewish Question" is a work by Karl Marx, written in 1843, and first published in Paris in 1844 under the German title "Zur Judenfrage" in the Deutsch–Französische Jahrbücher. It was one of Marx's first attempts to develop what would later be called the materialist conception of history.


Background: . The book from which this section is taken was intended to provide a citizen’s handbook to the Third Reich, with many pictures illustrating the way Nazi Germany worked. This section presents the “Jewish Question” from a Nazi viewpoint. Citizens are told that Nazis measures against the Jews are reasonable and defensive — but there are also hints of what was to come.


The Jewish Problem, more commonly and euphemistically known as the “ Jewish Question “, has agitated the minds of political analysts throughout history but has remained unresolved to this day. For centuries, a ready and makeshift solution to the problem consisted in the mass expulsion of the Jews .

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The Jewish question presents itself differently according to the state in which the Jew resides. In Germany, where there is no political state, no state as such, the Jewish question is purely theological. The Jew finds himself in religious opposition to the state, which proclaims Christianity as its foundation. This state is a theologian ex ...


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