Bidz is an online auction service specializing in jewelry and high-end accessories, and users bid on items using of interest. Although Bidz mainly focuses on auctions, users may also purchase items through second-chance ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

GovSales and AuctionZip are two sources for finding local auctions. Both sites provide options for live auctions or bidding online for a wide variety of items, including cars, furniture, jewelry and electronics. More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

Gold jewelry can be sold to pawn shops, in online auctions, to local jewelry stores and to gold collectors. Where the gold is sold depends on the jewelry. More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches

DealDash runs its auctions as outlined in its terms of service, but the company charges per bid. As a result, bidders are likely to spend more in total then the merchandise they win. DealDash cites the entertainment valu... More » Technology Internet & Networking

An eBay auction starts when the seller creates a listing with a minimum starting bid and specific options for buying. Potential buyers enter bids during the set auction period. The highest bidder when the auction ends wi... More » Technology Internet & Networking is an online police auction website that features items such as jewelry, cars, watches, coins and art. More than 3,000 police departments submit items to this site from all over the country. More » Technology Internet & Networking

eBay is an online auction website where people can buy or sell items. Buyers can search for items by keyword, or they can browse through many different categories. Sellers list items on the website, and then they have th... More » Technology Internet & Networking