The size of the tires on a Jeep Liberty depend on the body style and year of the vehicle. However, the P235/65R is the most common size for this model. More »

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The Jeep Cherokee can fit anywhere from a 29 to 35-inch tire. The specific size of tire depends on the vehicle model and how much it is lifted. More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Find Jeep Liberty 4x4's for sale by using the dealership search features of automotive listing websites such as and You can also find both used and new Jeep Liberty 4x4's for sale on More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

The Jeep Liberty Sport was manufactured from 2002 to 2012 as a replacement for the Jeep Cherokee. After the discontinuation of the Liberty, Jeep released a redesigned Cherokee in 2014. The Jeep Liberty Sport featured a P... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Common problems with the 2002 Jeep Liberty include failure of the engine, noisy power door locks, misfiring check engine light, transfer case leaks and poor gas mileage. Other problems include flickering interior lights,... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Some identified problems with the 2012 Jeep Liberty include A/C not working properly, electrical problems in its steering column, transmission problems and wiper defects. Other problems include a flashing check engine li... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models