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How to Shrink Jeans. If your new jeans are a size too big, or if your old jeans have gotten looser with wear, you can shrink the material using hot water. There are multiple methods you can use, but heat is a factor in each one. Here are a...


Jeans do shrink 1/4" inch after wash/dry. When I need to get my jeans alterated, I usually ask the tailor to leave an additional 1/4". That way, it will be the correct length after I wash the jeans. And if the jeans didn't shrink, I will just wear them with higher heels.


The method: Just wear the jeans as you normally would—no washing necessary. If you want them to smell fresh without putting them in the wash, opt for airing them out or freezing them. What to calculate: Buy one size smaller in the waist and a true length. The result: Your jeans will stretch to the right size after a few wears, leaving you with a perfectly worn-in look.


If the jeans fit tight in the waist when you put them on after washing, you are reintroducing tension and the jeans usually loosen up a bit after an hour or so. It’s harder to reintroduce tension to the length to get the legs to stretch out, although hanging wet blue jeans to dry from the hemline of the legs instead of the waist can help.


By nature, jeans aren't designed to be one-size-fits-all. When most people shop for jeans, they'll buy a pair that's one size too large and then shrink them so they're just the right width and length. But how do you shrink them without going too far or ruining a good pair of jeans? Here are two popular ways to shrink jeans.


You have washed the garment, hence you cannot shrink it up to 3 inches, so your only option is to go to a tailor. Don't wash and use any chemical, it will lose the shade and luster. (02/08/2007) By sirajuddin. Intentionally Shrinking Jeans. Washing jeans in hot water doesn't shrink them, according to Wrangler, but drying them in a hot dryer does.


To make your jeans tighter, turn them inside out to protect the outer layer and wash them in a front-loading washer using hot water. If you don't have a front-loading washing machine, go to a local laundromat to use one there because the tumbling in those machines tends to shrink fabric more.


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With fall not too far around the corner, jean season is upon us. Maybe your favorite pair has stretched out and lost its shape, but the best way to shrink jeans will have you ready to rock them ...


Best Answer: Most jeans shrink in length, and width, but the severity of the shrinkage depends on the material. If the fabric contains mostly cotton, the jeans will shrink more - but will then stretch out while you wear them, during the course of the day.