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Hanasono implanted Cope’s first replacement jaw five years ago after melanoma migrated from his lip to his jaw. The surgery was performed “the old-fashioned way,” without the aid of a 3-D printed model. But radiation treatment afterward to wipe out any remaining cancer weakened Cope’s new jaw and caused it to fracture in two places.


Tissue and bone loss in the jaw. This is a possible long-term side effect of radiation therapy. Physical changes to the mouth, jaw, or tongue from surgery. Not being able to wear dentures because of pain or swelling in the mouth or gums. Managing chewing problems. Relieving side effects is an important part of cancer care and treatment.


The length of the operation depends on what your surgeon will be doing on your jaw joint. If the procedure is relatively simple (eg repositioning of a slipped cartilage) surgery may take less than an hour. If the procedure is more complicated (eg partial or total joint replacement) then the operation will last for several hours.


After radical cancer surgery, the oral rehabilitation of a patient is a demanding procedure. For patients who’ve suffered from oral cancer, dental implants are usually the best tooth replacement option in terms of mastication, esthetics, and speech function.


Information on Jaw Replacement Surgery. 09/21/2006 Question: Hi. My father has oral cancer and his left jaw was removed. Currently cancer is detected in the skin on the right side. Doctors recommend removing the jaw. I am wondering what the new advance jaw replacement surgeries are and how successful they are?


Types of TMJ Surgery. With an arthroplasty or "open joint" surgery, a larger incision is needed to expose the total joint for a better view. This helps facilitate repair or replacement of the disc which articulates this joint and allows you to open and close your jaw.


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Ridge (jaw) augmentation: In severe cases where the ridge of the gum has been reabsorbed, a bone graft is placed to increase the ridge height and/or width. Sinus lift procedure: Involving elevation of the sinus membrane, bone grafting on the sinus floor and implants placed in the back part of the upper jaw. Surgery for Sleep Apnea/Excessive Snoring


That stimulated Frankie's remaining jaw bone to grow new bone cells, eventually filling in the defect and integrating with the native bone. The preoperative CT scan (top) shows the extent of damage to the jaw while the postoperative CT scan (bottom) shows the new bone growth several months after surgery.


The Jaw Pain Story is a VIDEO about how Dr. Larry Wolford treats jaw pain and jaw disorders. Dr. Wolford, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, is globally renowned for complex jaw revision surgery, total temporomandibular joint (TMJ) replacement, sleep apnea treatment and for his research in orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery, cleft lip and palate treatment, craniofacial …