A Japanese quartz movement is a mechanism for keeping time based upon the regular vibration of tiny section of quartz crystal. The "Japanese" part of the name refers to where the mechanism was manufactured, not where the... More »

Japanese movement watches are those that have all their internal mechanisms made in Japan. The term can also include watches assembled in any other country with Japanese parts. More »

Examples of different types of quartz watches for women include the Geneva Platinum Women's Rhinestone-Accented Link Watch and the Michael Kors Women's MK5020 Mother of Pearl Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch. Another ex... More »

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Kinetic watches transform the kinetic energy of movement into electrical energy, using that energy to run the mechanism of the timepiece, according to Seiko. A weight inside the watch moves whenever you move your wrist, ... More »

A deployment clasp is a closing mechanism on a watch that allows the band to be fitted to the wrist. It allows for the band to be made tighter. More »

Heat causes expansion, and the heat of a human body will cause the internal mechanism of a wristwatch to expand. If there is a defect in the watch's electronic circuitry, that expansion may cause a circuit connection to ... More »

Serial numbers associated with pocket watches manufactured by the Keystone Watch Case Co. can be located on the movement of the watch and will help to identify its date of production. It is important to note that there i... More »