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In Japan, the same print sizes (and several additional ones) are known by different names. The Japanese L is equivalent to 3R, while 2L—twice the size—matches 5R. KG represents the size of a traditional 4×6 in (4R) Japanese postcard (hagaki).


Hagaki size is the standard postcard size in Japan. The Japanese Postcard Printing Option. Certain printers sold in the United States feature Hagaki or Inkjet Hagaki Paper type as a printing option. A few products that support hagaki card include the OfficeJet 7610 from Hewlett-Packard, the Lexmark Pro915 and the Dell All-in-One wireless printer.


Japanese Postcard Size. The Japanese Postcard size is a sizing standard employed by some commercial printers. While essentially a carryover of the hagaki size, there are minor measurement differences. Particularly, hagaki size is precisely 4-by-4 inches, while Japanese postcard measures 3.94-by-5.83 inches.


Hagaki Outside of Japan. Outside of Japan, hagaki don't have the cultural meaning that they have in Japan. However, the hagaki cardstock refers to thick postcard paper that is equivalent in size to the hagaki postcards in Japan. You can print your own postcards on hagaki paper, or you can make large business cards, ads or other art projects on ...


Hagaki printing refers to a variety of print sizes. Strictly speaking, Hagaki paper is a postcard-sized paper that measures 4 inches by 4 inches. However, the Hagaki print setting on some printers is equivalent to the Japanese postcard size, which measures 3.94 inches by 5.83 inches. The Japanese word "hagaki" means "postcard" in English.


Photo Paper sizes Japanese? When I open a photo in the Photos app of Windows 10 and go to print it I am not given paper size options such as 7 x 5 etc. I get Japan 2L or Japan Hagaki Postcard. Why? No problems with Windows Photo Viewer. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.


Hagaki is a postcard with the size specified by Japan post. Normally, a stamp and five rectangles with red line for post code area are already printed on front side; the back of the card is blank. Stock varies from about 180g/m² to 250g/m². The size is about 134mm X 100mm. There is fixed


Hagaki paper is a postcard-sized paper that is 4 inches by 4 inches and is slightly thicker and heavier than standard printer or photo paper. It is also used to refer to a print size when producing pictures. It can also be referred to as the Japanese postcard size, but printers equipped with this option are sized to 3.94 inches by 5.83 inches.


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DMPAPER_JAPANESE_POSTCARD_RO = TATED 81 (Japanese Postcard Rotated 148 x 100 mm) DMPAPER_DBL_JAPANESE_POSTCAR = D_ROTATED 82 (Double Japanese Postcard Rotated 148 x 200 mm) DMPAPER_A6_ROTATED = 83 (A6 Rotated 148 x 105 mm) ... How to set paper size when when printing: Support: