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To look up an inmate in jail, the inmate’s name and the facility where they might be incarcerated are needed. Many jails have search functions on the facility's website where this information can be used to find an inmate.


The website of the county sheriff's office usually provides a listing of inmates currently detained inside a county jail. Some county sheriff's offices, such as in Jones County, list an inmate roster publicly, while others, such as in Cook County, offer an inmate locator to find a specific inmate.


When using the Vinelink service online, available inmate information includes the offender identification number, custody status and the location of the offender. The offender's date of birth, gender and race are also listed, along with the date of release when applicable.


Programs for jail and prison inmates operate across the country, from community-service projects in Washington County, Oregon, to 16 different prison dog-training programs in the state of Florida. In the Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset, Maine, inmates grow produce for food pantries and make w


Contacting the jail directly is the easiest way to check if a jail inmate has been released. You can get the status of an inmate online from many county and local jails, or you can call the jail where the inmate was incarcerated to determine if he has been released.


The Federal Bureau of Prisons is required to record and list all inmates that are currently convicted of committing a federal crime or awaiting trial for violating federal laws in the United States. As of 1997, the Federal Bureau of Prisons must also list prisoners from the District of Columbia.


Each county has a website that provides search options for users with the most common method being a name search, although some sites offer the option to sort by picture. The location of these searches varies from site to site as each county has their own website and their own team that maintains it


Searching for inmates in U.S. jails is legal but can be a difficult and time-consuming effort, according to TheInmateLocator.com. Each jurisdiction has its own system. Some are more complicated to use than others, and the information available on websites typically varies by area.


Individuals seeking to locate inmates residing in a state prison can visit a state Department of Corrections website that provides a searchable database. To locate an inmate in the federal corrections system, visit the prisoner search page at the U.S. Department of Justice website, justice.gov.


The Federal Bureau of Prisons maintains a searchable database of inmates on its official website. Visitors can search for inmates using either the name or inmate number. This database contains only records of Federal inmates, but most states maintain individual databases on their own correctional we