Jade putters are made and sold by Wyoming Jade Putters, located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Most putters are special ordered and shipped to customers. It is sometimes possible to find jade putters on sites such as eBay. More »

A jade putter is a custom-made golf putter that usually has a head made of jade, created by the Jade Putters company. However, customers can also custom-order marble, petrified wood and agate for the head of the putter. ... More »

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Several different families of Odyssey putters are available: Works, Tank, Big T and Milled Collection, among others. Each family has a different set of features and specifications, including head shape, length, head weig... More »

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Jade is a jewel tone in the green family, so any color a wearer would ordinarily pair with green would go with jade. Jade is also called jade green. More »

Jade is usually a rich, green color, but it can also appear in orange, yellow, lavender, brown, black, gray and white. A single piece of jade can feature more than one color, however solid green gems are typically more v... More »

Jade is a valuable gemstone revered primarily in Eastern cultures. In order to determine the quality of jade, you need to look at its color, transparency, texture and cut. More »

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Jade color charts can be found at the website Mason-Kay, and at Lotusgemology.com. The chart at Lotus Gemology focuses on the more valuable green-hued pieces of jade, while Mason-Kay's chart contains the full range of po... More »