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There is no official biography for Marla Maples. She is an actress, though her main claim to fame is having been married to Donald Trump in the '90s.


The wedding dress Marla Maples wore during her wedding to Donald Trump was designed by Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera and was made in five days. The off-shoulder ivory gown had a flared train and a veil fastened to a tiara.


Common varieties of maple trees include the red maple, silver maple, sugar maple and sycamore maple. There are more than 128 species of maple trees, some of which are native to North America, while others are native to Asia or Europe.


Tiger-maple furniture is made from a type of hardwood named for its curly or wavy pattern that resembles tiger stripes. Also known as curly or flamed maple, it is not a specific species of maple but a description of the grain of the wood.


Maple trees are found in Europe, Asia and North America, particularly the northeastern portion of the United States. These trees germinate best in cold weather that's at least 34 degrees Fahrenheit.


The sugar maple tree can be either male, female or both. The trees are either dioecious, producing separate male and female flowers on the same tree, or monoecious, with male and female flowers on different trees.


The scientific name for a red maple is Acer rubrum, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. A red maple grows 40 to 60 feet high and has a spread of 40 feet.