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Light Traditional Italian Breakfast Cookies are a fast and easy way to have your cookie and eat it at Breakfast. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside. These Breakfast Cookies are perfect anytime. When my husband and I first got married, I could not watch my husband eat breakfast. I would ...


The Best Sweet Italian Biscuit Recipes on Yummly | Italian Wine Biscuits Di Altomare, Baci Italian Almond Cookies, Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits Copycat


Italian Biscuit Cookies are more of a plain cookie, but by no means are they boring! They are nice and soft with just the right amount of sweetness. I really like to enjoy one of these cookies with a nice cup of coffee any time of the day! Yes, even for breakfast!


Italian Cookies. by. Italian Grandmas . Enjoy our collection of Italian Cookies recipes specially collected for you from our Nonne, our grandmothers and members of La Famiglia.Here you will find many traditional Italian Cookies that are perfect all year round and many that are perfect for special occasions and holidays.


These soft Italian-style cookies are a hit with everyone. The ricotta keeps them moist, and the recipe yields a large batch, which is great since the baked cookies freeze so well. Do not freeze the unbaked dough. You can decorate them with chopped candied cherries, colored sugar or candy sprinkles.


ITALIAN LEMON COOKIES Lemon cookies are for those times when you want to bake something special without too much effort! Roll out these tangy lemon cookies in no time and enjoy the crumbly sensations alongside a hot drink or with a scoop of your favourite jam on top.


A quick recipe for Italian soft almond biscuits from Rachel Roddy These simple sweet almond biscuits – based on the Sicilian treat pasticcini – require only four ingredients and take just 15 ...


Italian Dessert and Italian Cookie Recipes. prepared by our Nonne... our Italian Grandmas!. We have a rich collection of Italian Cookies and Italian Desserts Recipes for all occasions.Here you will find some very easy recipes that can be made all year round and especially those for some very special occasions: Valentine's Day Recipes, Christmas Recipes, Easter Recipes, Thanksgiving Recipes and...


Brushing the cookies with beaten egg slightly thinned with water (known as an egg wash) and rolling them partway in sugar gave the biscuits a nice gloss and a bit of a sweet crunch on the outside. I baked these Italian wine biscuits for 25-30 minutes.


Cantucci or Biscotti di Prato are crunchy almond cookies from Tuscany. Biscotti literally means twice (bis) cooked (cotti), biscotti is also the generic term for cookies in Italian. These almond cookies are very easy to make: you shape the dough into a log and bake it. Then slice the log with ...